Question: Is the woman in the photograph above an Extrovert?
Perhaps, a highly paid Introvert making a stand?
Or maybe she is an Ambivert and just being brave?

We love to over-think and over-analyse everything. It has become a popular pastime, a conversation starter and a hot text on Twitter. It is so easy to put ourselves and each other into boxes as the reason and the excuse for doing or not doing something. Some people even make a living out of it.

The terms that irritate me the most are in the title.
“You’re such an extrovert! It’s easy for you”
“I am an introvert, I would hate to do that”
Today, I feel like neither!

Carl Jung who popularised the terms extroversion-introversion must be rolling in his grave!
He said clearly and wrote often that:

‘There is no such thing as a pure extrovert or a pure introvert, such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.’


More recent research into human behaviour shows that all of us have, to some degree, a mix set of attributes from the extrovert and introvert blends. The ambivert, (a person who lies in the middle of the spectrum) is gaining popularity. After all, people are individuals and not yet programmed to react like robots.

Many a time, I have seen  musicians, singers, actors and speakers perform with extraordinary energy and panache and then leave the stage and turn back into coy, demure, reticent, reserved…pumpkins!

-It’s funny how when I’m loud, people tell me to be quiet, but when I’m quiet people ask me what’s wrong with me – Anon –


What makes people jump out of their skin to perform and speak out on stage? Could it be passion and the desire to serve? Could it be the self belief they can entertain, give pleasure and satisfy? To inspire, motivate, educate, learn or amuse, the list is endless.

According to Scott Barry Kaufman, a psychologist, it is all about the amount of dopamine in your system. He stated recently,
“An extroverted brain’s dopamine reward system, responds more actively to rewards such as money, sex, social status, and social affiliation. Extroverts get more energised by these things in their environment. Introverts, on the other hand, just don’t get as energised. Their dopamine system is not as active when they see these kinds of things in the environment.”

The trendy question is, how are your levels of dopamine?

So, extroverts can be quiet and introverts can be gregarious! The good news is that it is no longer acceptable to hide behind the veil of demureness and meekness. Believe me, it is good news! Stop telling yourself you are shy and full of fear. Pack up those adjectives and throw them out. All you need is a healthy dose of natural dopamine to get your energy levels up. To say you are an introvert and therefore cannot possibly get up and speak out, share your message, your thoughts and ideas…well, it’s just not acceptable or believable.

I believe that new skills can be learnt and you can teach and be coached to develop the confidence to impress upon any audience your truth. You can gain, attain and master the art of expressing your talents and raising your confidence.
Just remember, if you need a natural boost of dopamine eat chocolate. However, if in doubt, contact me and we can chat.

Step Up & Stand Out can show you how to boost your energy, with or without chocolate! It is all about confidence and experience with some encouragement on the side.



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