It’s coming to the end of the year, and can you feel a special excitement in the air? Holiday season, party time, gatherings and celebrations. Plotting and planning, organising and arranging and of course, all the preparation that goes with it.
But on our backs we hear the tapping and dripping of dead-lines, target dates and zero hours. It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all and actually lose yourself and your money! You know that tornado effect? How do you set time aside to switch off? What can you do to step off that crazy merry-go-round and gather up your skirts or socks and have some fun in your life!  Don’t forget the fun side of life.

-People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing – Dale Carnegie

Sometimes, we forget the importance of being entertained, seeing a good theatre show, live music event, visiting an art gallery or museum, something that takes us away from routine and work. Even if we love doing what we are doing, even if our passion and fire is at its peak when we work – the benefits of enjoying others sharing their talents and skills with us can be most rewarding.

-Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

I know for myself, how exhilarated I feel after experiencing a live music show. Or seeing dancers express their stories through extraordinary physical movement. Being a spectator at a vibrant sports event – like tennis, volleyball or swimming.

I find that entertainment like this allows me to digest and absorb new ideas and thoughts. It can inspire and motivate me to try something a little different. Like the other day, I went to hear the music of Stanley Clark. He had musicians from Europe, South America, India and the USA. Their influences and their cultural take on life created such a high energy. There was a supreme blend of music that reminded me and stimulated memories to write a chapter in my new book.

-Work hard, have fun and make history -Jeff Bezos

We know that taking time off, having a break and winding down is essential for our wellbeing and living a healthy life. Understanding that it makes sense is clear but taking the step to act upon it – is another thing. We are clever at conjuring up reasons and excuses to delay, postpone and deny ourselves time to rejuvenate and restore our energy.

Here are 3 simple, sweet tactics I use to stop the crazy firecracker in my head.

   – Get more sleep – still the best medicine in the world!

  – Buy a ticket for show, any show, something you have never seen, experienced or done before!

  – Learn to say ‘Yes’ to events and opportunities outside of routine and work.

The beauty of having fun and enjoyment is that it will also contribute massively to helping you through the tough times. You know when things aren’t flowing like you want them too. That’s when I think back, turn my thoughts to the positive and fun experiences and change my frown to a smile. 

Whatever you do over the next month – Don’t forget the fun side of life.

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