Never has it been easier, more fun and effortless to do live streams and videos. Right? Well, actually many people still dread it, fear it and often avoid it. The usual responses are – I am no good at it, I am an introvert, and I am camera shy.  But we know that visibility is key for your Biz-Niz, whether you are a coach, entrepreneur, speaker, or mentor. We want to see the face behind the Biz-Niz. and need to see the expressions, the smile and the gestures before we sign up and pay up. How you come across during your 15 minutes of fame, on video or Live stream depends entirely on your personality. Your personality is the lynch pin for your sales and connections. So, Don’t Be Camera Shy, Be Camera Brave!

-Be bold be brave, enough to be your true self – Queen Latifa

We all know that the first time is the hardest! But then with practise we become proud! And, practise is the first step. The thing is, I have learnt having a few simple, strategic action moves, gives you the boost to be bold and brave – to face that camera with a confident smile and gleam in the eye.

Here are 7 Super Moves To Shake off the Shy Stuff

One. My beautiful grandmother told me; dress like a million dollars and you will get a million dollars. Yes, put your best face forward. Lippy for the Girls, Smart shave for the Boys.

Two.  How’s your smile looking these days? Remember to show and shine your personality through that gorgeous smile of yours.

Three.  Keep it sweet and short. Get to the point. Who has 60 or even 90 minutes to listen to you?

Four.  No pre-ambles or long intros. Don’t start with an apology or explain why you are late or early or what you were doing five minutes ago – it is distracting for you and your viewers.

Five. Keep your eyes on the green lens, on your audience. They want to see that you are looking at them. Let them into your eyes.

Six. Keep the focus, a fine blend between knowing your material and still ready to handle anything spontaneous.

Seven. Let the light shine on you. Make sure your audience can see you and hear you. Check your gear and your lighting before you start.

Don’t Be Camera Shy, Be Camera Brave!

-Freedom lies in being Bold – Robert Frost

Most of this you will agree is just common sense – but we often need to be reminded of these simple yet important action steps. They are not rules but guidelines to make your public appearances smoother and more watchable. Visibility is key to your success and letting your hair down in front of any camera is the name of this game!

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