Frightened, Foolish, Fed-up, Freaked and Frozen!
Is that how you feel when you speak on video, stage or page? You know what I mean? Thinking too much, worrying constantly and concerned that you are not good enough at, hair, make-up, lighting and sound or worse – content?

Do You Freeze on Video, Stage Or Page?

Believe me, it’s as common as a cold!
On Video, we are preoccupied that our appearance and background is not professional.
Standing on Stage, we freeze and shrink, and feel our voices are not heard or understood.
And on page, It is the fear that what you write is not good enough or won’t be believed.
All too soon, there are one hundred and one reasons not to start or continue and sometimes – to quit. We fill our heads with chatter and negative talk to the extent that it prevents us from showing and shining our talents and our skills.

I remember an occasion when I gave a speech, I was sure it was funny, really…but the audience didn’t think so. I felt embarrassed and demoralised, I begged for the hole in the floor to appear! But there was no escape, no exit stage right. And no hole in the ground. I had to finish the speech right to the last word. It was painful.

Much later, after I finished beating myself up and devouring  kilos of chocolate…my good friend told me that I was speaking too fast, not pausing, hardly breathing and that put my timing out! The poor audience could see me thinking and feel my nervous energy. No wonder they didn’t laugh! I knew my presentation and attitude needed improvement! And, I needed Pranayama  yoga breathing exercises!

Later, in a moment of pure it magic, experience or courage…like a shot of caffeine, like a nudge from the goddesses (or gods!) I grabbed Fear by the neck and starved it of all oxygen!

But in order not to repeat this  painful experience I had to learn 4 essential things. Now, you all know there is no such thing as Father Christmas or Flying carpets but ‘Friggin’ Hell when you get that light bulb moment you have to learn from it and share it.

Here are 4 Essential things to push Fear off your platform.

1. Breathe, find a rhythm to slow you down, breathe and then pause (do the 5 in, hold for 2, and 5 out method.)

2. Shake your body. Yes…shake your body. Dance, shake and shimmer and watch the nerves Fall to the ground

3. Give yourself a whole pile of F words, I am Fabulous. I am Fantastic. I am Fresh.

4. Know your stuff. Learn, rehearse or practice your piece because then – confidence flows naturally.

When the right time comes, and you will know it, you can buy that tip top microphone, that super light stand and all the face paint you ever wanted. But honestly, the most important accessory is your smile and your personality.

If communicating your story, your business vision or your service is important to you, and yet you are hesitating even struggling to overcome fears and doubts – then schedule a chat with me – together we will starve those fears and feed the beliefs.

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