Every morning on waking, I start asking questions and then, searching for answers. I am sure you do the same! We humans have extraordinary minds, full of imagination and curiosity, always seeking more. New phrases, new expressions, ideas and thoughts. For the first fifteen to twenty years, we call it education and then we call it experience.

The search for knowledge continues throughout our lives, whether it is to find out when our favourite TV show starts, learning a new language or understanding what makes electricity work. There is always something we want to know more about.

– Wisdom is the daughter of experience – Leonardo da Vinci

We all have missions to accomplish…a sales pitch to perfect…or an exciting Biz Nizz deal to close…perhaps a TED X Talk to prepare for 2017…what about that end of season speech to give at the Christmas office Do?

Aren’t you searching for that fancy phrase, that hot line, the snazzy saying, or that special expression? We need to be heard, understood and recognised…and language is one of our most powerful tools.

The thing is…where do you find your information? Where do you gather your knowledge? Who’s opinion do you value?
The 24/7 online Doctor, Mr & Mrs Google, Wikipedia and the zillion other ‘expert’ sources? We are inundated with thousands of savvy professionals and qualified connoisseurs and gurus. Who do we believe? The mass majority? The main line? The most publicised opinion?

Many of us have had enough of that during our childhood. All those commandments, rules and regulations based on shaky evidence and heavy prejudice. The should and should nots, the must or else, the don’t go above your station, level, caste or gender rhetoric. You remember all that?

It all comes down to making a decision, one of the most difficult and confusing challenges we face. The fact that decision making is not taught in schools and is almost non existent in the training institutions of the corporate world…it is no wonder that our ‘decision muscles’ are weak.

-A decision is a commitment not a wish – Bob Proctor 

How do you reach a decision that pushes you forward in the direction you want to go?
And, How do you decide which information is worthwhile?
What steps to take to find the knowledge that enlightens you?

A. Always
S. Seek
K. Knowledge

Asking is part of the searching process but in the end, it is all down to you. Your experience, your unique view of life, your special authentic perspective. 

-I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey

It is about trusting your instincts and making judgements on what your heart tells you. You can ask for answers, ask for guidance, or for more knowledge and then Go For It. Make that decision, that commitment and feel the joy, the surge of energy…and relief.

Have you got a decision to make? How do you decide? At Step Up & Stand Out we love your comments!

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