Dancing with social media is exactly how I feel most mornings. More accurately, dancing a frantic rumba as I juggle through the pile of social media info that floods into my devices.
We are bombarded with a massive list of pings, tweets, texts, messages, emails and reminders from the ever growing media apps and accounts lining up on our computers and phones daily…hourly.
Big Brother is not longer looking down on us, he is sitting right next to us. The overwhelm button is constantly on red alert.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp and Google+ are the top five. Snapchat, Messenger, Reddit, Instagram and Pinterest are close behind. Which ever are your favourites, these are the main contenders.
How can you divide your time up equally amongst your indispensable gadgets?
How can you get through the day without the endless distractions of the Siren chants of social media?

With more than 1.4 billion people on FB every day and 1 billion on What’s App, it’s truly amazing that any of us have time to do any work, never mind eat, drink or sleep!

How can we control the time we spend on these extraordinary platforms? The fact is that these social media sites are now an integral part of our lives to promote and market our products, brands and services. They are also an excellent way to connect and communicate instantly through words and images. Fast global communication and almost free of charge.

The key is to select those that benefit you and your business or social needs and disregard the rest. Why not?
Simple is good you know. Ask yourself, Which service is important to me? Which brings the best results for my business or social needs? Can’t be all of them. Select only the ones that improve your life, your connections or your business. Decide which ones really bring you prosperity and boost your welfare.

The choice is yours and choice is what is important to determine.

There is of course, another way to handle all this ‘overwhelm‘ and that is to ask someone to assist you. You’d be surprised how many people will say ‘yes’ when you ask for some guidance, some more information on a media application you don’t understand. Maybe, you will buy them lunch or swap a skill or just hang out with them when they need you. It is such a simple act of sharing skills that many people overlook because it is just too simple…or perhaps they have too much pride!

-Get help! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Humble yourself. Don’t try to be the smartest person in town, there’s always someone smarter – Bob Proctor

You could always look out for a Virtual Assistant, a media expert who loves doing online secretarial tasks.
This is the go to site.

-You don’t have to know how! You just have to know you can.- Bob Proctor

So, when you hear the Siren Media calling you, stop, breath and decide, alternatively call me @ Step Up & Stand Out and we can search for solutions together.

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