What a difference it makes to meet your Biz -Niz colleagues and friends face to face. To look them in the eyes and have a conversation! No screens, time zones or electricity needed. To be actually Dancing Cheek to Cheek.

We have become so accustomed to relating online. Talking into tiny microphones, texting and shooting quick live posts. We have come to love the fast-paced actions and re-actions of our digital world. We are addicted to the buzz and challenges of creating and developing a way of life that is outside of the conventional box. A business that relies on our own initiative and energy. And it is exciting to see so many talented people jumping off the conveyer belt and rising up in their own original way to offer valuable services and products.

Like you, I am sure, I have a diverse mix of excellent online friends and Biz-Niz colleagues from all over the world. But this week, during my trip to Barcelona, I had the enormous pleasure to meet my online co-workers and friends vis-a-vis. Nothing like the real thing they say, and I have to agree.

In this weeks video, I am in conversation with my web site designer, co-worker, colleague and friend, Vibeke Foss. We are discussing the healthy benefits of collaborating, brainstorming and sharing.
I call it Dancing Cheek to Cheek!

Talking and conversing is a natural human activity and still so many of us struggle to get our message across, to communicate our feelings, desires and needs. Then, when we have to speak in public…we dry up, get nervous, become self-critical, feel insignificant, fearful…ahh, the list of complaints are long.
One of the things that I encourage in my work as a speaker coach, is the idea of collaboration.
Sharing leads to brainstorming and that leads to new ideas.
So, if you have blocks and obstacles that prevent you from stepping up and speaking out, just click on the button below and let’s chat, it’s free you know.

To connect with Vibeke Foss  Click Here

– Collaboration is the software, co-working is the hardware – Wes Fabb


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