Do you have a speech to craft? A sales pitch to prepare? A book to write? Maybe, you want more money and need to approach your boss? Whatever outcome you want to design…you have to Craft it!
Crafting your ideas and thoughts on paper triggers an amazing array of vocabulary by stirring up the right and left sides of your brain. It doesn’t really matter which side you prefer (that can be edited in or out later!) It is about committing your ideas down…as evidence, if you like! Many great inventions, designs and speeches started as scribbles on paper.

As the dictionary says: Writing equips us with communication and thinking skills. And at some stage we all need to prepare in a written form; a grant application, resumé, blog post, business proposal, press release, a report or plan a strategy and of course, your next best seller!

 -Writing is the painting of the voice – Voltaire 

How do you start? How do you get from blank screen or paper to that final full stop? By moving a bunch of muscles in your brain and hands!
At school, most of us had some training as to how to string together a pile of words but to craft a fine speech, a convincing sales pitch to sell your book or service…well, that is another skill altogether.

Handwriting has lost popularity. When was the last time you received a handwritten letter or postcard? When did you last write one?
A handwritten letter, (even if it brings sad news!) adds a personal touch to a message. Yes, we have a host of emojis to share and express our feelings…but there is a more intimate connection revealed in a handwritten letter. It is almost like you can hear the voice of the person writing, isn’t it?

We are also in danger of loosing this extraordinary skill in schools. Many educational institutions prefer to teach typing skills than handwriting. In the US, there is a leaning towards typing at the expense of handwriting. “the conveyer belt of education depending on technology” according to Jake Weidmann, a man who has a convincing Ted Talk on this topic. A man who believes in the simplicity of the pen as an ancient, reliable, and durable device that is “never smarter than you!”

But I keep in mind; my thoughts are faster than my pen.

Choosing the right tool for the job and having excellent writing skills can be a lethal combination in creative and intellectual literacy. Our tools are simple, easy to buy and very inexpensive.
Plus, nowadays, we  have an abundance of excellent online apps to make our words move along smoothly. Oh yeah, that’s my point, handwriting and technology do go hand in hand!

How are your writing skills? How do you capture your genius? Do you write with pen and paper or straight onto the computer? Are you a secret letter writer or keep a journal?

At Step Up & Stand Out we would love to know how you Craft It.

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