Confidence Boosters and other Legal Energisers

You know that feeling just before you speak, when your throat goes dry and your hands get sweaty? You remember those moments when the nerves and shakes set in and you start getting panicky about your lines? Well it has happened to me too!
Sure, later and in hindsight, it wasn’t that bad, but at the time, I was ready to sign up for the next one-way trip to Mars!

Nowadays, so many of us have to talk in public. Whether it is a speech to win a promotion and pay rise or to promote your next best-seller. Maybe, you have to impress your boss and give a presentation on why his/your company is the best. More exciting, your first highly paid Keynote speech in front 500 or 5000! Imagine that! Imagine how exhilarating it would be…until the sweats, coughs, shivers and shakes set in.

Now, let me say straightaway that a healthy dose of nerves is essential to get you pumped up and ready to shine. The art is in controlling those mercurial nerves and not letting them get on top, underneath or in between your sheets.

-Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear – Anon

So how do we get some of that fine stuff to inhale and exhale that spirit of courage and heart? How do we access that intangible silky robe? That skin of confidence and self-belief?

I can offer a list of ingredients and a couple of tasty recipes. How about to start with, some appreciation, a slice of recognition and a measured shot of support? Then, we can add some enthusiasm and energy. And, to finish off, some positive feedback and genuine admiration?

I do believe that a few words of encouragement of the positive kind, and a sweet and swift injection of energy, cultivates good vibrations and with your actions, those ingredients will  bring out the best in you.

Sometimes that is all a person needs to sweep those hesitations out the door and flick that ON button to bring out the charisma in you.

-Action is the foundational key to success – Pablo Picasso

Self confidence and self belief are twins, both can support each other and both bring out the best in each other.

I like having the power of language at my finger tips. Access to language that expresses with clarity and style, my ideas, thoughts and messages.

Are you ready to sharpen your pencils and shake up and shape up your words? 

I believe in the 3 moves to confidence…W. P. R.

Firstly, Write it. Get the words sharp, clear and sweet.

Secondly, Preparation time. Edit snip, cut and sharpen…and again.

Thirdly, Rehearse. Practise to improve, Practise to feel proud.

Discover your unique form of verbal or written expression, and watch it evolve into magic of your colloquial language.

If you need a boost of confidence to bring on personal success just click on the Let’s Talk button and let’s get chatting!

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