Language is one of our most fabulous communication tools. We use it without thinking about it – and sometimes without thinking! Yet, it is evolving and metamorphosing as we speak. New words and phrases are created daily, our language is spreading sideways! We love talking, chatting and yacking to each other. Sending texts and messages, and illustrating our emotions with emojis and GIFS. Everyday, we broadcast our thoughts, ideas and opinions around our communities and the globe. And yet, misunderstanding is rife, arguments are choking up lovers and war is destroying too many families.
Are we not listening, not hearing? Is it because we can’t understand each other? Or don’t want to? Is it because we have become careless with our language? Is it because we are just not:

Choosing our words carefully?

-The language we use influences the way we think – Stephen Pinker

Language is our key to delivering our stories and messages both in the written and spoken word. This is not about P.C. (political correctness) but positive commentary. This is not about saying whatever, throwing out words because we can.
It is about Choosing our words carefully and respectfully. Thinking before blurting, editing before publishing. At the same time having leeway and liberty to express ourselves. The freedom to speak up, the prerogative to have a voice and the right to tell our story.

This last 12 months has seen an incredible rise of campaigns to speak up. Movements that express and articulate powerful messages like the two below.

There is a strong energy and desire to give voice to our thoughts, ideas and feelings, our experiences and points of view.
And, speaking and writing these stories and life events is also in big demand. There is this wonderful explosion of anecdotes, adventures and autobiographies flying out there. There has never been a better time to make the decision, take the courage and speak your truth or write that book.

-Where the lips are silent the heart has a thousand tongues – Rumi

If expressing your opinions and ideas are important to you and yet, you are hesitating even struggling to voice or write them.
Then, it is time to take some action.
As a mentor, I can show you how to re-connect and revive your natural ability to communicate your message or story.
Is it your time to be Heard, Understood and Believed?
Do you want to write that next best soul-healing – mind-bending book?
Are you ready to grab back your attitude and ambition to make a difference?
If this feels like you – schedule a chat with me.
Together we will starve the fears and feed the beliefs.

Choosing your words carefully is about telling your truth, your version of life and your individual experiences that are unique to you. There has never been a better time to Step Up & Stand Out

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