Kevin Anderson is a giant tennis player from South Africa. He is 2 m. 03 or 6 ft. 8 inches tall. I have a neck ache just thinking about it. But this man played 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach the finals of one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world; the Wimbledon championships. In fact, he has played a couple of 5 set matches lasting more than 5 hours. To put that into human terms it’s like dancing salsa, or rock n roll, or doing a zumba class, or running a marathon for 5 long hours, almost non-stop, except none of those activities require the enormous mental stamina and courage that tennis at this high level demands. It is Chess on the Grass.

-it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up – Babe Ruth

I observed his focus, determination and cool nerve. I admired his dedication, grit and spirit. But the confidence, courage and smart decision making that he exercised throughout the matches he played truly impressed me.

And sure enough, without any doubt, he has a mind set coach who has changed his way of handling pressure. And a mentor who showed him how to attain an extraordinary high level of self- belief.


That’s when I had this Ahh ah moment!

Chess on the Grass requires:

  1. Self-belief in metric tons that comes from confidence of the extra – ordinary kind.
  2. Sharp decision-making developed from exercising those deciding muscles.
  3. Courage to grab opportunities and take risks.


The thing is, when I saw that – as I wrote it out – I thought – This is want Kevin gets. I want to meet Kevin’s coach.
I need a person like that to give me the mental go-go and self belief of a giant.

Confidence – Courage and Decisive Abilities to take my work, my Biz- Niz forward.

Right! We all need a mentor, a coach a someone who pushes us forward to reach our goals, and dreams and create that Nourishing and Flourishing lifestyle we all deserve.

Who is looking after your needs? Are you investing in your development, learning or growth? Have you got that Dream Team around you providing you with the encouragement and mental support you need?

Let me share with you my Edge on this topic. With more than 25 years in the Show Biz world as a musician, performance poet, playwright and author, I have learned a lot about having a professional attitude leaning in on my self-belief and most definitely Bigging Up Numero Uno –

So, if you want to play Chess on the grass, or on video, stage or page and you need a mentor who will transmit the energy, knowledge and skills you need.

Check out my  work with me page and let’s go!

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