It starts with a chance, and then it’s your choice which will lead to a change – Chance, Choice and Change, What’s It to Be?

It is all about opening your eyes to opportunity and your mouth to say – Yes!

Now, I have covered this topic before over three blogs (see the link below) But so many people are still afraid to take smart risks and say Yes to a chance and a choice and experience real change. Fears, self doubt, or thinking it is too risky, what ever is going on in your mind that is stopping you – it is time to let it go.

-Leadership is a choice not a position – Stephen Covey

The creative process in your life and business begins with opportunities. How you handle them and what action you take is entirely up to you. Are you motivated and committed ? Do you believe in yourself? Will you take the action necessary to move on up? This is the beginning of your journey – and it starts with Chance, Choice and Change.

Of course, we all hesitate, ponder and contemplate, what could happen and fill our heads with – what if –
But honestly, none of us can predict the future. We can make wise choices and take thought out risks and the rest is what you make of it. Sometimes, we become blocked by what could go wrong and allow it to overwhelm us.
In my opinion, this just leads to a downward negative state of over- thinking and poor me syndrome.
Is there ever a right time? I don’t think so. By the time you have lined up all your ducks, dollars and debts – that boat has sailed.

-Put blinders on to those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head – Meryl Streep

I know I have spent time weighing up the pros and cons of a situation, and in the process have missed out on a great chance because I couldn’t decide. Learning how to make smart decisions takes awareness and practise – like most things in life.

Unfortunately, we are not encouraged to practise the art of decision making even though we do it unconsciously everyday.
What shoes to wear, which bus to take, which road to walk or drive down.
Yet, taking the chance to speak out, write that story, post that article seems to drive some of us into an indecisive turmoil.

Take that spoonful of courage, put on the brave face, feel the excitement and do it anyway!

-Don’t fear change. Think about what you may learn and gain – G.V.

There has never been a better time to Step Up & Stand Out  and to say to yourself;
Chance, Choice and Change, What’s It to Be?

So Take a Chance – Make that Choice and Enjoy the Change

Here is a blog post about going for those challenges.

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