Does that title sound strange to you?
Is it a kind of controversial idea?
Does it irritate you because you like striving to be perfect?

Perfectionism has become a modern day headache; some may call it a psychological problem or even an obsession. Whatever name you want to give it, from my point of view, you are already over thinking the issue.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but too often focus only on our weak points. And, have you noticed how being a perfectionist is somehow used to close that job interview –
Boss: So what are your strengths?
You: I am a perfectionist, I never give up, I go to the end and beyond.

Yes, we all want our work and our performance to be excellent, top quality and therefore accepted. And yes, in some areas competition is high and nepotism rife – but we need to separate the competing and comparing from performing and producing your best and really start Celebrating Our Imperfections!

-Because when we give the best of ourselves we perform authentically – Georgia Varjas


And that is what counts; this is you at your best.
Yes there can be room for improvements, further learning and experience – because guess what? No one is perfect.

We have created and imagined so many obstacles that prevent us from performing to our best ability it has almost turned into an infectious dis-ease.
There is  compare-ritis – FOMO – social media addiction of the obsessive kind (as yet no abbreviated fashionable name, but it will soon be devised) And of course, the most trendy of all – perfectionism.
And when you create something and you only see the negative, the dissatisfaction the faults, the what is not working side of things – then you know you are suffering from acute perfectionism.

-Celebrate what you want to see more of – Tom Peters


In my new book, I write about these obstacles and how they obscure our vision, cloud our clarity and prevent us from really Stepping Up & Standing Out.

You could make an massive list of all the rules from schools, moral and religious codes and those sneaky submissive misogynistic laws that damage both women and men and deny and delay our potential.
Here is a typical list. I must, I should, I could and I couldn’t. I shouldn’t and I mustn’t and if I did.
So make your list but don’t get depressed and despondent.
No way! Look at it from the point of view of – How did this get into my head? Awareness and Attitude is key.

Now make a list of all your assets and skills, all your talents and achievements. All those crazy little dexterous things you can do. Then, add on all the knowledge and learning that you have utilised and turned into inventions and creations.
How does that list look? Impressive right? Time to start Celebrating Our Imperfections!

-There is a crack in everything that is how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen


One of the vital pieces of disposing of your addiction to perfectionism is the art of delegation. Is that a dirty word for you? Is it something you absolutely shun because you father, mother, teacher, brother, the book said you should never ask for help?

Let me tell you, delegation is behind every successful woman or man. Team, community or call it group work is not encouraged enough. It is at the core of every successful business.

Celebrating your Imperfections doesn’t mean producing shoddy low standard work or being unprofessional. It means

a) Accepting and admitting your weak points.
b) Learn and move on from them and your mistakes.
c) Recognise and revel in your strengths and focus on them and delegate the work you do not excel at.

-Don’t let obstacles, those extraordinary ones you have accepted as the truth, stop you from performing to your best ability – Georgia Varjas


I shall be going Live on my FB page to talk and share more about these topics that come up in my new book as well as the blog posts.
On Mondays and Fridays on this link
Please come and join me, there will be space for questions, comments and feedback.
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Have a wonderful week Celebrating Your Imperfections!

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