Do you find it hard to recognise your successes? Are you a bit hard on yourself? Not satisfied with your results? Or perhaps, you are so focused on the next step you can’t appreciate what you have accomplished?

Believe me, I have done it all and many times. It is not that I am a perfectionist (well only a little) It is just I have high standards. I want quality and I want to provide quality.

Celebrate what you have accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed – Mia Hamm


It’s like now. I am writing my book, and have completed the first big draft. It is a satisfying feeling.
But I did experience days, saw paragraphs and sometimes chapters where I thought, yes! I hit all the hot spots. I felt proud of my words, the way I  expressed myself and I felt it had come together real good. It makes me smile.

Then, I had days, hours and sleepless nights when I felt every word was missing something. Where every sentence had no aroma, no energy and no honey on the adjectives.

But the good thing about both scenarios is the smart message they are sending out. When the going is good, I am spurred to do more. However, when I am not satisfied with my work, I go back and check out what is exactly missing. I ask questions!

I edit and sculpt, snip and shape up my sentences. And, I dig in and transform weak verbs and dull nouns. It’s called work, rehearsals, practise runs – it’s about building success and designing quality.

A little appreciation goes a long way. A spoonful or two of encouragement is nourishing . And wise words of feedback nurtures us deeply. Which means to celebrate the success of others. Surprising how rewarding this activity is.

-The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate – Oprah Winfrey


Sometimes, we find it hard to praise and appreciate others. Time to share your good vibes with others. Karma and all that jazz. Snap out of your moody January blues and spread a little goodness around. Start engaging and commenting on the FB groups you lurk around. Drop your good opinions and thoughts on their posts and blogs. I guarantee, all that generosity will soon come back to you too.

Keep on throughout the year to Celebrate Your Success and count up all the little things too!
I have just finished writing my new book –  and I am celebrating – I recognise all the hard work and give myself a little appreciation too!
What are you celebrating this end of the month?

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