They say, the writer  lives in a lonely world of her/his own, dry surfing on the net, fishing for content without much human contact. But this is 2017, and the blogger of today is more like a wild and wide travelling entrepreneur.
Inspiration comes from watching the world go by in cafes and meet-up groups. Sitting cross-legged in front of a huge TV screen glued to the pole vaulting final! The airport lounge is now a hot place to pick up verbal gems. In fact, the jazzed up and perceptive writer recognises, we are living in a Bloggers Paradise. 

Night and day, our insatiable hunger to get in the know and get connected is fed by the reel of events, actions and comments we follow and swallow, online and offline. With our brilliant writers imagination we spin it into our unique, personal style of word choice, colour and order.

Everyday, almost everyone you know is writing. Whether it is e-books or ‘real’ books, paper or digital news, scripts, plays, poems or musical lyrics…the rhythm and rhyme of the written word still flourishes on our planet. Yes, writing is still in fashion…and what a relief for those of us who just love the written word. It is indeed a Bloggers Paradise.

-Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers – Isaac Asimov

Never has it been easier to put your thoughts, ideas and inventions out there into the Big Wide World. We have access to the most awe-inspiring technology that sizzles and expands under our fingertips. It is both exciting and mind boggling!

The Art of Writing has evolved and changed but putting words down on paper, electronic devices and serviettes will never go away…in my opinion!

-We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect – Anaïs Nin

Are you writing down your stories, ideas and opinions? Are you getting the alphabet laid out the way you like it? With just 26 letters to shuffle and juggle, it is truly amazing how many articles, books and blogs you can create. 

Personal journey or travelogue, perhaps a food guide to Paris or a reaction to an article that got your fire burning. Move your thoughts to print and let the world hear your view point. Connect and engage, then, release your passions through the written word. Don’t forget to fire up some emotions, everyone responds to passion.

Beginner or expert, I encourage you to start or continue. Add flavour, mix up the senses, invent new words, be spicy and enthusiastic…be the wild dancer on the page.

If you struggle to put across your point of view and need a little nudge, I have courses perfectly suited to your needs, to get you going on the blogging road. To create excellent writing skills requires regular muscle exercise or you can Click to be tempted.

-Writing is thinking on paper- William Zinsser

Step Up & Stand Out wants to know if your writing world is paradise, and if it isn’t tell me why?

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