What would be your definition of Genius? Someone with extraordinary intelligence and IQ? Perhaps, a person with brilliant abilities to invent or create? Nowadays, we have eased up on the meaning of the word to include Talent and Gifted. In fact, many of us use this word quite freely, for example when your Mum puts together an incredible cake from 4 ingredients, and you all sit round the table and say: ‘Mum this is a work of genius!’ Or you write an article for a newspaper/magazine and receive a top prize. Even when you speak in public and talk about a topic with such passion and energy that your friends say: ‘You’re a genius!’

Whatever your definition is – remember we all have a little of it within us.
The art of autographing our unique beliefs, designs and schemes rules supreme. Our human desire and appetite to communicate and share remains buried in our genes and DNA. And, Autographing Your Genius is becoming more popular than ever.

 -What is called Genius is the abundance of life and health – Henry Thoreau

How we release and capture our thoughts changes as technology invents new gadgets. But the human urge to write and scribble is still with us. There are many courses, classes and retreats to encourage and inspire you to bring forth your magic. My suggestions are focused on 3 areas.

  1. Driving your passion to the surface
  2. Breaking the rules
  3. Throwing your inhibitions out

Yes, show and share your passion.
Know which rules you can break – go for it!
You only live once, take a spoonful or two of courage.

-Genius is making complex ideas simple, not simple ideas complex – Albert Einstein

Many people ask me, ‘what shall I speak or write about? – I have a story but…’
Or, ‘I have written this and spoken about that, so what’s next?’
And Albert E. makes it clear – keep it simple!
My take on it is that everything is already in your memory bank or just under the surface.
You are filled with stories, the art is in Autographing Your Genius

Keep in mind that:

* Inspiration takes place at odd hours.

* Be open to your genius flow.

* Don’t resist any ideas, thoughts or opinions.

* Let the magic out. No judgments, spell checks or grammar punishments.

* Keep a notebook and pencil close by.

* Record your nuggets on your phone.

* Remember, no inhibitions.

Brainwaves have their own rhythms, be ready to transfer out of your mind and onto a readable device.

– Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind – Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Try This:

Write down all the one-liners, phrases, sentences, and headlines that come from within or that you hear on screen or from people around you. Some will be gold and some will be scrap iron.

-Every one of us has a genius inside us. Once we realise it, we find our own internal guidance system – Roger Hamilton

We all have people we admire whom we think have great powers and abilities and we call them Geniuses. Look around you again, on social media, in books and amongst the people in your circle whom you praise and appreciate, and be aware how many of them carry just a little bit of genius inside them.
I believe we all do.
Believe in yourselfBig yourself up more often – Break through your limits – Start by Autographing Your Genius.
Don’t forget to share your Genius thoughts in the comments below.

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