Andy Warhol was right when he said, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes . Have you experienced the glory? Do you want to do it again? I bet most of you do! That first 15 minutes was just a practice run for the real thing, right?  The good news is is that nowadays, it is so easy to  have your minutes of fame. Technology has opened a thousand doors, but because of that abundance and ease, unless you come across as real, unless you speak with an authentic voice your listener will click you off the screen within 9 seconds!

How do we align our hearts with our message? How can we convey a sincere message, a genuine service or a credible story?

-Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we are – Brené Brown

Let me offer 3 down-to-earth tips to get you to shine using your sweet authentic voice.

  •  Kick all negative and critical thoughts out of your head. Don’t shoot from the hip, shoot from the heart.
  •  Remember, being judgemental means you are thinking and not listening. Two ears one mouth.
  •  Be compassionate to yourself and others. Being spontaneous and impulsive is not being authentic.

If we hold negative thoughts and words in our mind, it means we are starting out with negativity in our minds, body, heart…or somewhere close by. And negativity has a habit of spreading, sliding around, like mercury, into other areas of our life. Kick negative behaviour off your planet.

Listening, as we know is about concentration. It is not about your ready, smart response. Remember how you feel when someone really listens closely to you? You feel good eh?

Be compassionate with yourself. Being kind to yourself really does put a smile on your face. You realise you are human and you don’t have to be perfect, you can relax and be authentic.

– Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument – Desmond Tutu

Now you are ready to speak or write in your authentic style, I am sure you will appreciate the following 3 extras accessories! 
Clarity of words,
A compelling but compassionate vocal tone.
Genuine eye contact.

– Become  the CEO of your words and express yourself with confidence – Georgia Varjas

Brené Brown has a convincing TED Talk on this topic, it will open your your heart, I promise.

Whether you want to become an authentic leader, speaker writer/author, developing daily your authentic voice will bring benefits to you and those around you. It takes a little courage to face yourself in the mirror or on camera, but we all know, practise makes progress!

Believe me, people want to hear your stories, they want to know you are human and just like them. They want to believe in you. Show off your sweet authentic voice.

At Step Up & Stand Out, we know it is healthy to show your audience you are vulnerable! Vulnerability is inner strength.
So, go sing your story on the mountain in your authentic voice.

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