When was the last time you asked for a pay rise? Or increased the fee for your coaching or mentoring work? Perhaps, to put up the price of your products or books? And, is it something you find easy to do? How good are you at Asking for More Money? Is it really hard Asking for More Money?
Many people still do not like to talk about wealth, gold and silver. It’s a dirty word, it only leads to misery and it can’t buy happiness. Oh and, it’s the root of all evil! Have you heard these folk tales?

As many a wise person has said; money only makes you rotten if you have that in you in the first place.

-Making money is art – working is art – and good business is the best art – Andy Warhol

Why do we attach so much emotion to money? After all, isn’t it just a barter system?  I mean how many times have you swapped favours? Exchanged gifts, even interchanged  or reciprocated – things – actions –  words?

-Success produces success, just as money produces money – Diane Ackerman

How do you ask for more – for more money? What words do you use? How should you stand? What should you wear? Does it make a difference if you don’t say – do say? And what about those heavy – what if’s!
Can be pretty overwhelming and intimidating Asking for More Money.

I like to view money as a reward for giving exceptional value, a good service, a fine product, even a sweet desire.
Quality – for gold, for bucks or chips. Excellence for cash. The ancient system of give and take.
What about you? How good are you at valuing your worth? Asking for More Money?

My three top tips for asking for more money.

1. Seizing the day and the opportunity. Go grab some attitude!
2. Express your personality to show who you are. Sometimes you have to let a little fire out – not steam – fire!
3. Positive self talk. Big yourself up more.

If you need a boost of confidence to stimulate your self-belief. Or, you want to raise your profile and receive the rewards you deserve. Then, you know it is time to give back to yourself, spend some time developing your skills and allowing your profile to shine.
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