Do you remember as a child what your favourite and most used word was? Remember? It was WHY? That endless stream of why’s which annoyed your parents every time. And, I am sure you notice how it is often the most annoying word your child uses! But what happens to us as we get older? We stop using this most fantastic and important word and get anxious to Ask, Ask and Ask Again!

-You create your opportunities by asking for them – Shakti Gawain

Too many of us stop asking because we are afraid to look foolish, dumb or needy. Then, we fear being rejected and laughed at or we fear being ignored or turned down. When you really think about it – they are all assumptions. Assumptions are thoughts that are created in our minds, often based on judgements we make before we know the full story. Unfortunately, it is habit forming. The soup looks weak I don’t want it. The book cover looks tacky I don’t want to read rubbish. That film looks violent I’m not interested. That costs too much (I won’t get enough value) She looks too confident!  (WHAT?) And so it goes on – the thoughtless assumptions.

Please – clear the decks, swipe the slate clean and change your Mind Structure. And – Ask, Ask and Ask Again!

– Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it kills the competition – Sam Walton

Here are some Solutions to show you how to Re-Think and Revise your Mind Structure on Asking.

Be clear and specific and get to the point

Say yes to opportunities – it encourages you to become curious

Ask in a positive manner with confidence and character

Choose the right person to ask, someone who is qualified to help you.

Ask again. Ask repeatedly, don’t give up. Different day different mood – Right?

-It’s not the answer that enlightens, it’s the question – Eugene Jonesco

Asking questions is a strength. There is always someone who knows more than you do on a given topic. You are smart and knowledgeable on many things but not everything. By asking questions, asking for more information, you learn and expand your knowledge. It starts with 5 words; why? where? when? what? and how? They are all relevant, all important with no hierarchical pecking order. The good news is that there are answers and solutions everywhere. It is up to us to ask and searchPlus, our ever-expanding digital world, offers us information at our finger tips

Make a list of all the things you would like to ask for. A raise, a loan, feedback on your performance, on your latest blog, perhaps a how to get more question. Then, ask yourself what stops you, your fears and hesitations. Then write down the benefits you would gain if you had answers. By using this exercise so much will be revealed about yourself and your mind structure that you will Ask, Ask and Ask Again! 

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