Yes, I am celebrating, after all it’s not every day you can say you have written and designed 100 blog posts. I am appreciating my skills, determination and persistence. It is a great achievement but I couldn’t have done it without You my friend!

Let’s face it – we all love and need a little appreciation for what we contribute and communicate in life. Right? I mean who doesn’t?
It is a healthy part of human recognition, of building your reputation and of learning to Give and Take. There are 3 big R words that come to mind.
-Respect – Recognition and Reputation-
Words that work together to drive you forwards on your journey to express yourself and to,
Be Heard, Understood and Believed and paid for it too!

-The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate – Oprah

I am sure you have noticed how it can brighten up someone’s day when you pay them genuine attention? When you give them a sign of your recognition for some work they did for you? Or contributed to a team effort? There are numerous studies on appreciation and gratitude within big companies. Check out this article about the positive effects of appreciation and what happens when there is a lack of it.

-There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread – Mother Theresa

In his extraordinary book, The Success Principles, Jack Canfield writes about the five languages of love.

1. Words of affirmation. The expression of gratitude through verbal communication.
2. Quality time. When you give your full attention to a person.
3. Receiving gifts. Well, who doesn’t love something in their hands?
4. Acts of service. When someone does something for you.
5. Physical touch. Hugging, holding and affection.

Most of us are a combination of at least a couple of the above. It is a good question to ask yourself and those around you. Which type of reward or sign of appreciation do you prefer? We are all unique and different and have numerous influences from culture, location and life experiences. Knowing your preferred language of love” or what type of appreciation gets your mojo running high is a smart question to first ask yourself, and secondly your partner, friends and colleagues. That way you really can get to to the heart of appreciating a person.

I respond to actions and physical appreciation but I also appreciate thoughts presented in word form – or song!
So – as it is the 100th Blog Post (even if you have never made a comment before) please share with us all your preferred ways of receiving appreciation and gratitude.

I shall be offering 5 prices, one from each of the categories above, to show my gratitude for your attention and appreciation over the last 100 blog posts!
All You have to do is comment and tell us which of those 5 categories fits you best. You can choose as many as you want of course! All the prizes will fit exactly into those categories.
So get writing, spill the beans and reveal your language of love!

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