How many times in your life have you changed direction? Taken a different route? Worn red instead of black? Said yes instead of no? I bet your honest answer is, Plenty of times! And, of course you have, and I believe you, because I have too. It’s natural, normal and healthy to have some variety, diversity and fresh views in your space, in your life. It is, I believe, a deep key to having a nourishing and flourishing life style.

– Talent can’t be taught but it can be awakened – Wallace Stegner

And that’s my point, we know how to change directions, take a left instead of a right, try something new and hey, make some decisions. But often we don’t, we hesitate, become doubtful and then let the idea slip away.

As I have said before, our Decision Muscles are seldom exercised and we often lose our trust in our own abilities. We set up a wall of limiting beliefs, a forest of no-entries and a whole minefield of things we should never try, because we think and believe we will really be lousy at them.

You know how that sounds?  I can’t sing/dance/cook/play sports etc etc and never will, until I suck-up-my-last-breathe-type of thinking. And, when it comes to writing that book, starting a Biz-Niz (on or off line) becoming a leader or expert in your field …that “no I can’t button” gets flicked on and red lights flash and within seconds we deny ourselves the chance to fulfil our dreams.

-Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads -Erica Jong

We all have the potential to try our hand at anything that drives our energy, our will and passion. They say, If you love it, go for it. And, it’s true, love it, want it and then, focus and concentrate on making it happen.

It does take a spoonful of courage or two to follow your Gutsy Solutions, your new hair do of a life style. It takes a fair bit of chutzpa to tell it like it is and do what everyone else fears to do. Fear of failure is huge in this equation. And we humans are so clever at turning our dreams into fears.

We are also aware that more and more people are becoming solo entrepreneurs. More women are in Biz Niz than ever before. More people are quitting the rat rolling conveyer belt world and finding challenges in different locations online and off line. Exciting times with cool challenges and heaps of incentives to let your imagination and super intuition do some sprinting and take charge of your life.

Have you always secretly wanted to do something? (from parachuting to writing a best seller, running  a Biz-Niz, becoming a TEDx speaker) Did you ever dream that one day you could get out of the Rat Race? Have you ever imagined yourself becoming a writer or speaker, spreading your thoughts, ideas and messages? I know you have and not just once have you imagined yourself trying your hand at another way of life. True?

It is all about that energising cocktail of imagination, intuition and self-belief that motivates and moves us in any direction. And, in order to remove the resistance and obstacles so you can develop your talents and move in any direction. I suggest these four simple steps. They are simple because you have to do them all your life. And what a fantastic journey it is, to learn, imagine and create, a nourishing and flourishing life…for all your life.

One. Believe that you are multi-talented.
Two. Switch on your intuition and imagination to full volume.
Three. Start learning, get a map and follow the road, get guidance and coaching.
Four. Keep the focus, and when in doubt, go back to number one.

On the FB video, ( out tomorrow and published here on Friday) I will share a story about a new direction I took in my life that will definitely entertain you and get your mojo moving. Remember, stories encourage and inspire others. So tune in, comment and share your stories too.


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