Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it – Lou Holtz

Are you learning a new skill? Doing some re-searching into a topic you want to understand better? Perhaps, you are looking for more meaning, another angle or version in life? Or, starting a new course? May be like me writing a book!

Often at the beginning of a New Year we want to acquire another skill and develop extra talents to progress and advance further in our life. We are enthused and ready to jump onboard to add a little more to our skills cabinet.

Then of course many of us are experiencing the New Year Blues as a result of not getting on that diet, hitting the gym twice a day – writing ten more blogs and calling 100 more potential clients – phew, it is exhausting just listing it all.

Motivation doesn’t last, but either does taking a bath – Zig Ziglar

How to get your mojo working when you want it to work but some little monkey is telling you to get back on the sofa and flix the net!?

First step is to recognise that motivation needs to be nourished.
It is a process. It needs feeding, nourishing, rest and action to make it flourish. Works like batteries – behaves like pets – So find what nourishes you, give yourself some excellent care, some meaningful attention and some quality time. Once you get that and start to cultivate and cherish your motivational engines – You will feel the flow.

Attitude will get you everywhere – G.V

You know they say that people may hear your words but they feel your attitude. Step two, let your personality shine. Let go and be yourself, don’t worry about what people will say or how they will react. If you are respectful, what is there to lose? You can always disarm your critics later.

Step three is about exercising your learning muscles – keep them trim and alert. The more you learn, the more you realise there is to learn. For example, while I scribble through the chapters of the book I am writing, I am constantly opening my mind to new perspectives, exciting existing ideas and budding discoveries. I cannot resist developing my competence!

When it comes to ability, motivation and attitude, the connection is undeniable and the harmony is inevitable. Keep developing your skills, let them motivate you because for sure it will give you the right attitude.

How do you keep going?
How do you motivate yourself?
Do share your inspiration with us!

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