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Divine Damages (2013)

A collection of ten wickedly elegant stories about the ends and means women will go, to get even, to get justice and to get sweet revenge. Divine Damages is mischievous, ironic and downright satisfying, full of wry humour and menace that will leave you fulfilled and gratified.



Words on the Wild Side (2011)

A collection of eighty vibrant poems created whilst living in Spain. Some have the sharp and direct style of modern urban life, giving voice to those who have never received justice, those who seek revenge and those who attain it through magic or metamorphosis.



The Rule Breaker’s Guide (June 2019)

You love to rebel, provoke and cause some agitation. You have a stirring that is quietly burning, gathering knowledge and experience and knows that one day – some day real soon – you will be ready to reveal that special quiet, yet powerful, energy.

You believe that there is gold in that river, a brilliant opportunity in sight or a stage to stand on with an audience of thousands and want to feel part of something, want to Stand Out.

You want to do something different, want to share your original spirit and have an urge to change the world.

If you want to Step Up & Stand Out – then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU.

My Blog

Don’t Be Afraid To Say You Are Good

Don’t Be Afraid To Say You Are Good

Don’t Be Afraid To Say You Are Good – In the crowded and competitive world we inhabit, we all are involved in some kind of self promotion on-line and off-line. We show and share our talents and skills in the best possible light. So, start blowing your trumpet and Don’t Be Afraid To Say You Are Good!

En-Couraging Courage

En-Couraging Courage

En-Couraging Courage. When everyone is writing and speaking about courage it is hard to know where to begin.
 How do we learn to take that first step? I believe Courage is something we can access – especially if we are encouraged!

Difference is Your Superpower

Difference is Your Superpower

Difference is Your Superpower – Does being different fill you with fear because you will stand out or even stand alone? Well, now it’s time to embrace your uniqueness and recognise that Difference is Your Superpower.

Be Professional Not Perfect!

Be Professional Not Perfect!

Be Professional Not Perfect! What are the indices that make you a professional? Have they changed? How can you improve your professionalism? Lots of questions but many answers too!

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