Whether it is for Video Stage or Page, A sales pitch, a pertinent question to the Boss, an article or Speaking event or your first Tedx Talk. Whatever outcome you want to design – you have to first Craft it! And that process is about Getting Down To The Bones Of Writing. 

Crafting your ideas and thoughts on paper triggers an amazing array of vocabulary by stirring up the right and left sides of your brain. It doesn’t really matter which side you prefer (that can be edited in or out later!) It is about committing your ideas down…as evidence, if you like! Many great inventions, scripts and speeches started as scribbles on paper.

Our memories are extraordinary and often selective. We have great abilities to remember things that we love and also that hurt us. We can recollect episodes from way back and then find ourselves unable to remember what we ate or did yesterday!

-Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips – MJ Bush

How often have you awoken at night with a brilliant idea for a business, a speech or a book? And then comes the morning and those brainwaves from the night have vanished? I tell you it has happened to me a million times. Nowadays, I keep a notepad close at hand and force myself to scribble down those Golden Nuggets of my future book or Talk.

But of course there are times when I just drop back off to sleep or convince my self I will remember all the treasures in the morning. I seldom do and another Gem has slipped into the atmosphere.

 -As a writer you try to listen to what others aren’t saying …and write about the silence – N.R. Hart

Here are some life savers, some tactics to manoeuvre the negative chatty monkey and to get you on to your stream of genius flow.

Smart Moves to get you from blank screen or paper to that final full stop.

1. Practise moving a bunch of muscles in your brain and hands!
The biggest problem most of us have is that thoughts are faster than the pen.
Exercise and practise transferring your words to a device. Always carry a pen/pencil and paper, or dictate on your phone.

2. Be playful with your language. Shuffle and conjure up new phrases, new word orders.
You can cook up another colloquialism, gist or nuance. Be adventurous and imaginative.
Let your vocabulary rip through your ideas.

3. Write down everything, you never know when you will be able to use it or re-use it.
Keep files or notepads especially dedicated to those magical moments of inspiration.

4. Read! Read the works of others from the past and present. Check out the blogs and articles of your  contemporaries. Discover how others string together their words from our small 26 lettered alphabet.

All these little tips are reminders  encouraging you to Get Down To The Bones Of Writing.
There has never been a better time to express yourself, your ideas and stories and your experiences and points of view. Once you get going you won’r be able to stop.

And there are numerous outlets online for all your written musings, from guest blogging to the other online writers platforms like Medium or Thrive Global Give it a try, I promise you will love what you write, the world is waiting to hear your stories, and you can always drop me a line for further encouragement.